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What to Do When Charged With a Criminal Offence

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Wherever you live and whatever you do, there is always a chance you might be charged with a criminal offence. Having your rights read to you by an officer of the law is a sobering experience, and for many people, panic sets in and all logic goes out the window. You may believe you are innocent of the charge, and in such a case, you should remain calm and collected and immediately seek legal counsel, which is your right as a citizen.

Criminal Charge

In Australia, the police can charge a person with a criminal offence in one of three ways, which are, arrest, complaint, or by notice to appear. There are many fields of law, and criminal charges demand criminal lawyers, who are experienced in dealing with the police and the courts, and the legal expert will be able to best represent you throughout the procedure.

Remain Silent

If you are arrested for any reason, stay calm and do not say anything to the arresting officers. Protocol is everything in law, and when you are arrested, the arresting officer must read you your rights, which happen to include the right to remain silent. In the heat of the moment, it is oh so easy to say something in the presence of others that will incriminate you in court. Of course, one should acknowledge the charges and that one is the said person, but anything more than that is not advised. This stressful experience could happen to anyone at any time, you could be walking down the street and be knocked over by a fleeing shoplifter, who just happens to be wearing similar clothes. Once the chasing police arrive, there is only you on the floor, with the bags of stolen goods spread around, and innocent you might be, yet you would likely be arrested in this scenario.

Contact a Criminal Lawyer

The really smart thing to do is source a criminal lawyer and store their number in your smartphone, and should the worst ever happen, a quick speed dial and you will be talking to the right person. He or she could be there within minutes, then you can privately discuss the situation and the lawyer will advise you on what exactly to do.

The Charge Sheet

If you are arrested, the police must give you a copy of the charge sheet, which contains all the information regarding the offence. The charge sheet is not to be confused with a notice to appear, which has fewer details of the charge, and you should be given the full charge sheet, as this will enable you to decide whether to plead guilty or not guilty.

Legal Counsel

The average person knows little or nothing about the legal system, and being arrested in no laughing matter. It is absolutely vital that you seek out legal counsel as soon as possible – preferably the moment you know you are being arrested – and do not say anything to the arresting officers until you have spoken with your lawyer.

Why not do a simple Google search, find a criminal lawyer in Melbourne, and store the number, which it is hoped, you will never have to use.

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