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What Is Wax Weed You Ask?

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   I’d be willing to bet pretty good money that if you’re asking ‘what is wax weed’ you’re either, A: 30+ years old and not particularly up to date with cannabis culture or B: very newly curious about cannabis. This is a confused question I’ve seen many times and actually it would be better posed as “what is wax?”. Wax and weed are two entirely different substances which contain THC, but those THC levels vary vastly between the two. This might get a bit confusing but I’ll explain from scratch very simply. THC is a certain molecule known as a cannabinoid, and it is one of dozens of cannabinoids people absorb when consuming cannabis in any of its forms. THC is the only one which creates the mental effects of getting high which so many people enjoy across the planet. The way it affects people depends on a lot of things like their genetics and prior mental state, but also the ratio of other cannabinoids like CBD can be influential in repressing or worsening side effects too.

    Ok So What Is Wax? Concentrated Weed?

    Exactly. Wax is just one kind of many different cannabis ‘concentrates’, literally concentrated substances made from cannabis. Besides wax, there is shatter, budder, butane hash oil (the name makes it sound sinister but it’s perfectly safe when made correctly), honeycomb, etc. This variety of names are used according to the consistency and texture of the particular concentrate. There are many different ways to concentrate THC into more potent products. For example, hash or hashish has been smoked for literally thousands of years. Only in the past century have we had the technology to create powerful concentrates like today though.

    What’s The Big Deal About These Though?

    Well what is wax’s THC content compared to weed? A whopping average of 60-90% opposed to the 15-30% of weed. Plus weed strains that are 25-30% are top shelf stuff that is way less cost efficient than buying concentrates. That is, if you have the self control not to hit a ‘dab’ every hour just because you can. That’s a slippery slope. A ‘dab’ is what they call it when you take an actual ‘dab’ (tiny amount) of a concentrate and smoke it through a bong. Dabs are super mind blowing and it’s always a shell shocking first experience for even the most weathered cannabis veterans.

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