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What Can You Expect From a Prenuptial Agreement

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Prenuptial agreement is getting more popular these days. Others may think this agreement promotes divorce but it you will really give it a deep thought without involving any emotions; this is actually a practical move for both parties. Though emotionally, this could mean lack of love from the initiator but admit it, we are in a real world and in this imperfect world, security plays a big role.

 There is a chance that your would-be husband is not really into this but his family will not allow him to marry someone with much lesser financial background without the prenup. Those people who are requiring prenuptial agreement are usually those who are a lot wealthier than their would-be partner. Most of the time, it is the family of the richer partner who will enforce the prenup arrangement and seeing that it could also test the real intention of the weaker party, the richer would-be partner will agree.

So, what can you expect from a prenuptial agreement?

  • This agreement will protect both parties from debts acquired before marriage. As the economy is struggling these days, chances are you might end up with someone who has a lot of debts in her name without you knowing. With the agreed prenup, those creditors where your would-be wife owes money from cannot turn on you for payment.
  • If you happen to have children before your marriage, the said agreement will also serve as their protection for again, you will have full control as to the division of your wealth or property. And if it is the other partner who has children before marriage, then it will be your call if you agree to give something to her children in case of death or divorce.
  • If you are part owner of a company, such agreement can also deter your wife from assuming your share in the board and therefore protecting the interest of the other members.

But there are also some legal restrictions in a prenuptial agreement again depending on the state or country you are in like you cannot give up child support during a divorce, and you cannot refuse to pay alimonies.

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