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What Can a Solicitor Do To Help You with a Divorce?

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A solicitor is a legal professional who specialises in issues which are related to the lawful process of divorce, which can include divorce dissolution, and annulment. Many divorce solicitors are family law practitioners, who deal with a whole host of concerns that are related to marriage and family, from adoption to wills.

Anyone in Yorkshire who has to go through the process of a legal separation is usually encouraged to hire a professional lawyer who knows the entire what to expect, to ensure that all of their legal rights are fully protected and to ensure that the whole process goes smoothly.

Experts in their Profession

Should someone want to be a divorce solicitor, they must first attend law school, and research and study family law topics over the course of their education, and then must take and pass the bar exam. These exams normally include a written exam and a character assessment to ensure that they are a morally fit person who is able to professionally practice law. After making the grade, the solicitor will then go forth and seek employment in a practice that administers family law matters, and gather an abundance of practical experience in that arena.

Key Features and First Assignments

In nearly all cases, the very first assignment for a divorce lawyer is the procedure of drawing up divorce papers after being approached to do so by one of the spouses. In another scenario, a couple seeking family law advice might have jointly chosen to divorce, in which case the couple can contact JWP Solicitors in Yorkshire together and seek out for legal aid.

A petition for a divorce can be handed to the other spouse after it has been made up, signed and filed by the spouse who is appealing for a divorce.

  • One of the main elements of this legal profession is the composure of a settlement whilst a couple chose to terminate their marriage.
  • Part of the arrangement involves the division of equity, matters of child custody, and an agreement on maintenance and/or child support.
  • The divorce solicitor may also manage a prenuptial agreement, or become more involved in other details of the divorce.
  • If, for example, a couple has any fertilised embryos in storage from an infertility treatment, the legal professionals for both parties would have to be involved in the decision making on what is to happen to the embryos.

Agreement from the Beginning

With regards to what is known as a “contentious divorce”, a solicitor can act as the client in court, and in exceptional family courts that deal with a wide range of family-related matters. A divorce expert can also assist his or her client with making out a prenuptial agreement at the start of a marriage, which ensures that if the marriage does actually break down, nearly all of the legal groundwork for a fair cordial divorce will have already been laid.

In all of these types of legal proceedings, it’s always in your best interests to have an expert beside you.

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