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Understanding the Working of Mediation both Inside and Outside Court

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Divorce could be disheartening for the entire family and not only the affected parties. However, this bitter truth has a number of reasons for a couple to part ways in the journey called life. It would be pertinent to mention here that before you actually looking forward to seeking the ultimate remedy for dissolution of marriage, you should give the other party a chance to negotiate the terms and come to a logical conclusion. It does not mean that you would be wasting your precious time that you could enjoy being free from a relationship, but it implies giving each other a chance again to settle in a relationship. It would be worth your time and efforts.

Settling marital dispute outside the court

It would be pertinent to mention here that mediation is a means to settle the dispute outside the courtroom. At times, it would be specifically ordered by the courts as well. However, the family mediator appointed by the court would be dealing primarily with various kinds of issues pertaining to family and children. It would entail in it ambit child custody, child visitation and child support. It would not be wrong to suggest that the mediator appointed by the court would also be handling settlement of marriages, divorce agreements, alimony, child custody issues and property distribution needs. However, it would be done without wasting the precious time of the court and any expense incurred on court trial.

Private settlement of issues outside court

It would be the prerogative of the parties to the dispute or divorce to seek private settlement of the issues outside the courtroom. They could seek private remedies by hiring the services of a family mediator. It would be pertinent to mention here that private mediation could be used for a number of issues beyond the mediation of court. It would be inclusive of handling of disputes pertaining to prenuptial agreements, disputes between adult siblings, disputes between teenage children and parents and disputes pertaining to real estate planning. Regardless, if you were looking forward to engaging private mediator or the one appointed by the court, you would be availing a number of benefits.

  • Private family mediation would be less expensive to resolve disputes, as compared to courtroom settlements done by mediator.
  • Private family mediation has the power to settle issues beyond the courtroom to litigate.
  • Private family mediation has been deemed a quick process, as compared to traditional in-court appointed mediation.

Working of mediation

A family mediator Bournemouth would oversee the mediation session. However, for mediation ordered by the court, the mediator should be registered with the court. Any attorney, psychologist, certified public account or professional of good moral character having undergone mediation training is competent to be appointed as mediator by the court. The session would last for one to three hours. Several disputes could be settled in a single session. However, a majority of disputes, like that of divorce would need more than a single session.

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