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Understanding ICBC and the Need to have Autoplan

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Car accidents have claimed several lives in the past couple of years. It would not be wrong to suggest that you should look forward to abiding by the law of the land when it comes to driving your car. The most important aspect in event of car accident would be having insurance. It would be pertinent to mention here that having a car accident would not only be a physical toll, but mental toll on your body. Apart from the injuries that you may receive, you would undergo mental agony. However, you cannot overlook the need for insurance in such a scenario.

What is ICBC?

The Insurance Corporation of British Columbia has been omnipresent in the Canadian region. It has been known to provide a wide range of insurance services to various customers. The insurer is popularly known as ICBC. The government runs it. ICBC was set up in 1973 with the aim of providing public auto insurance in the Canadian province of British Columbia. Since time, it has been diversified into offering a plethora of customers with a choice of basic and optional vehicle insurance. They would also offer knowledge on driver licensing and vehicle registration services. In case, you were driving a vehicle in British Columbia, you would be one of its several customers. Therefore, it has been deemed of great importance to know how to make an ICBC injury claim in order to do the right things when the actual need arises.

Insurance plans of the company

You may definitely look forward to having the basic insurance plan of the company. It is known as ‘Autoplan’. It would be a requisite by law of the province. This has been a comprehensive plan for protecting you from a wide range of accident benefits. It would be inclusive of hit and run protection, third party liability and inverse liability. Undoubtedly, you could exercise the option of taking additional insurance. However, it would be taken either from the same company or from a private insurance firm. It would be done to add to the basic insurance needs. One such insurance would be extended liability.

Making ICBC injury claim

There has been an appropriate method to be followed when making an ICBC injury claim. You would be required to stick to the process. It would ensure that you get the deserved compensation without much delay. You would need to hire the best ICBC lawyers to suit your specific needs.

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