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The Quick Guide To Preventing Construction Accidents In Your Business

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In the recent years, construction accidents are some of the common causes of worker fatalities. In fact, construction workers are more prone to injuries than people in other lines of work. As a construction site owner, you’re duty-bound to make sure that your site is safe from life-threatening accidents – and preventing them, for instance, can also protect you from costly lawsuits later on. To get the most out of your workers’ safety, here’s an essential guide to some of the most common construction accidents and how to prevent them in your business.

Construction Accidents: The Most Common Causes

Construction is one of the dangerous lines of work nowadays. Since accidents involving construction sites usually pose a threat to one’s safety, below are some causes of such accidents that you should be aware of:

  • Flawed or hazardous equipment
  • Inadequate safety practices
  • Insufficient training
  • Lack of safety protection for the workers on elevated structures and from falling objects
  • Tripping hazards from construction debris and materials
  • Unsafe work conditions

Practically speaking, the fatality rate in the construction industry is higher than all other sectors, so it’s therefore essential for employers and construction site owners to be wary of some common accidents on these job sites to make sure that all safety measures are in place to prevent injuries.

Construction Accidents: Ways to Prevent Them

While most construction accidents are unpredictable, there are still effective ways to avoid them. As there may be hazards that you’re not aware of in your workplace, here’s a list of ways to preventing construction accidents in your business:

  1. Provide adequate health and safety training. As an employer, you’re required to provide proper training to your employees. In such instances, make sure they’re given appropriate safety instructions while doing their job. Train them on using equipment and machinery. For example, they should know how to wear safety harness as well as gloves and masks.
  1. Require workers to wear safety gear and clothing. Jobs in construction sites are hazardous, thus wearing of proper safety gear and apparel is of paramount importance. Using hard hats, eye protection and reflective clothing are some necessary safety precautions you need to keep in mind to keep your workers away from potential danger.
  1. Keep your job sites well-maintained and clean. Keeping your workspaces clean can help reduce the risk of injuries in the construction sites. Thinking about cleanliness as a precautionary measure can also help your employees work without hazards.
  1. Place proper signage. Posting of signage in construction sites is a must as it serves as a warning to keep away from potentially dangerous areas. “Danger” signs, for instance, is vital in ensuring safety of all people on the job sites.

  1. Require workers to take frequent breaks. Exhaustion can increase your risk of getting injured in the construction site. As an employer, you can prevent accidents by requiring your employees to take their regular breaks. By doing this, they will become more alert and focused, hence safety won’t be compromised.
  1. If possible, limit the amount of night work. Working during night time can create a higher potential for construction accidents. For instance, fatigue can expose you to getting injured, which is why minimizing the amount of night work should always be considered.
  1. Encourage workers to report dangers immediately. Accidents should always be taken seriously. It’s therefore vital for you to encourage your workers to report any sign of foreseeable danger to the management immediately.
  1. Conduct a warm-up exercise. Before getting to work, introduce a warm-up exercise for all workers to ensure that they’re fit to perform any physical activity. Doing such training can keep their body agile and fresh and in turn, a potential construction accident can be prevented.

Ensuring your workers’ health and safety is one of your duties as a construction site owner. Although this responsibility isn’t easy, you can increase safety and security in your job site by keeping this quick guide in mind. If you want to be aware of the appropriate measures to keep your workers safe from a potential construction accident, perhaps speaking to an experienced personal injury lawyer can be of assistance.

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