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The Ins and Outs of Today’s Most Common Divorce Scenarios: A Comprehensive Guide

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When the notion of divorce arises within a given relationship, both sides naturally begin to experience subconscious anxiety, unease, and stress, which are emotions that tend to surface in the form of incessant arguments and petty disputes. With this notion in mind, it’s in your best interests to take a moment to learn more about how legal separations manifest in today’s day and age, especially if you’ve begun to doubt the strength of your matrimonial bonds as of late.

Although it’s a relatively unsettling concept, this brief article will highlight everything that you need to know.

Most Common Reasons for Divorce

According to several in-depth studies conducted around the UK during the past few years, the most prevalent motivations for divorce are shown below:

  • Financial concerns
  • Infidelity
  • Overbearing ex-partners
  • Unresolved sexual differences
  • Meddlesome family members (snooping parents in particular)
  • Children from past marriages (especially defiant adolescents)
  • Privacy, concealment, and discretionary issues

Divorce Figures in the United Kingdom

A distinct byproduct of our progressive, modernised society has been the increased frequency of divorces and prolonged separations, which is why the following statistics shouldn’t come as a huge surprise:

  • The disparity between new marriages and documented divorces has been steadily increasing for the past 25 years; more than 42% of marriages still end in divorce.
  • Since 1992, upwards of 25% of children have been born outside of marriage.
  • Britain’s divorce rates are almost twice as high as the EU’s with an average of nearly three divorces per 1,000 people each year.
  • Nearly 150,000 couples filed for divorce during the past year alone.
  • The average age of divorce for both men and women has been increasing since 1983, which implies that time spent together no longer serves as a mitigating factor.
  • Prenuptial agreements are becoming more common but they still aren’t considered to be the norm. As a result, divorce proceedings are oftentimes very complicated, multi-faceted, and quite contentious.

The Importance of Finding a Good Lawyer

Today’s most reputable divorce lawyers are very dexterous and versatile as they can handle everything from the separation of financial assets and the establishment of child custody arrangements to identifying adultery situations, facilitating counter-proposals, completing arduous legal paperwork, and managing a seemingly infinite number of added nuances. So if you happen to be searching for a team of renowned divorce lawyers in London, you’ll want to keep these three integral concepts in mind:

  • The best legal firms have been around for more than 100 years.
  • The most distinguished lawyers are accredited by The Law Society, the Resolution Association, the Family Law Panel, and the Society of Trust and Estate Practitioners, just to name a few.
  • Top-rated divorce lawyers are able to provide extensive legal assistance above and beyond the confines of standardised divorce proceedings, which is why you should seek out a law firm that can also handle situations that involve child care law, wills, probate, trusts, housing law, notary services, general litigation, and judicial review.
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