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We all need to look out for each other in this life of ours. There is both good and evil out in the world. Some just have their own agenda so set on their mind that others fall by the wayside and they do not care to look out for others. This is terribly inconsiderate and indescribably sad.

When matters are minor all the way up to serious, be concerned. Take action. Be brave and start a discussion to end the bad behavior. If you or someone you know has seen, witnessed, heard about elder abuse please consult an elder abuse attorney Greg Owen. There is no time to waste. The abuse needs to be made known so that is can come to an immediate halt. No time is better than the present time.

Abuse of any person, any age, at any time is unacceptable. Take action to stop abuse. It is never ok. Be empowered and know that there are others in this world to support you in your decision to speak out against it! What an injustice! Do what you can to help out those in need going through a situation like this. Let he or she know that you are there and available. It must be them who makes decisions and commits to taking action. As clear as it might be for others, they need to see even a glimpse of the injustice as well, so they can stand on their own two feet to make adult decisions as well.

Domestic abuse is another form that abuse can take. It is a wild animal, one that folks do not always see when they are in the midst of it. Domestic means home or local. So in the term domestic abuse, it is abuse that happens in the home, usually in a personal relationship. You may stop and wonder– how in the world would or even could domestic abuse happen in a situation like that? Those are the closest, or should be the closest people someone has in their lives! And now we are talking about abuse and violence? It is scary. There are many reasons why an individual would stay in a relationship like that. Sometimes they do not know it, they do not see it for what it is. Other times, they can make excuses for the other person–the abuser–for they see the good in them and “they are not like that all of the time.”

Whether it is domestic violence, domestic abuse, elder abuse, or other forms that abuse takes… know that it is not valid, it is not just, it is not appropriate. Safely, carefully, and with wisdom seek to put a stop to it. An attorney might be the best route for this to happen. Safety first though. Always.

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