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Should you admit your guilt to your criminal lawyer?

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Most of the time, people who have accused for a crime feel afraid to admit guilt or involvement in front of their criminal lawyer. Many wariness behind this behavior such as; their lawyer can ditch them, disrupt their defense, or may not try hard to get an acquittal.

Your defensive lawyer always considers you a guilty of the crime that you were accused of, therefore it really never minds the best criminal lawyer Toronto whether you do or do not confess to him that you are really guilty. The following statement is meant to make people fool:

“Innocent until proven guilty beyond a reasonable doubt”

This statement is not true because when you are accused in this nation, everyone presumes you a guilty automatically unless you proof that you are an innocent. Besides it, if you have got acquitted, even then people of your country assume that you have hired a smart lawyer who helped you to prove your innocence despite your fault.

An excellent defense attorney never bothers you are really guilty or not, only one thing bothers how the prosecutor presents your case, the evidences to proof your offence during trial. A good prosecuting legal representative also does not care about your innocent or guilty, he only wants to present you guilty anyhow in the court and provide enough evidence to support a guilty judgment.

Guilt revolves around a single element that is “intent”. It can equal the dissimilarity between being convicted of first degree murder and intentional or unintentional murder. Take an example of a murder when person intent to kill is usually an obligatory element that must be established to support the conviction of a guilty judgment from a judge or jury.

In the illustration of breaking into a place, the element of intention to commit an offense is alleged once proof of breaking is established and the prosecutor does not need to prove the intent especially to support a conviction.

The prosecutor must clearly mention or have a legal exception on each and every element of a criminal offense. In the example of breaking, entering and robbery, the elements are as follows;

  • Enter
  • Break
  • Breaking is recognized by entry of a protected building
  • With the intent to commit an offense
  • Intent to commit an offense is after that lawfully alleged and need not be proven


It is not significant to admit to your lawyer that you are really a guilty, but you should provide your lawyer as much detail about the offense as you can. It will enable him to use something to contradict the prosecution’s proof to convict.

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