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Sample Practice LSAT Questions

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Are you ready to practice LSAT questions? Try to answer these easy questions of LSAT test to ascertain where to concentrate your effort to study. Answers are given in the end.

Practice LSAT Questions: Logical Reasoning

When lab rats, during pregnancy, are fed with caffeine equal to quantum a human consumes when he drinks six coffee cups in a day, results in increasing incidents of defects during birth. When the government is asked whether they would want warning labels to be displayed on products that contain caffeine, a representative refused to do so because this may result in loss of credibility of the government if the findings were proved wrong later on.

  1. Out of the given below, which most strongly suggests the above statement of the government?

(A) A warning is inappropriate if applied to small part of population.

(B) People drinking coffee equivalent to six cups a day are very few.

(C) Credibility of studies conducted on animals are doubtful.

(D) Studies conducted on rats give little data on defects pertaining to human birth.

(E) The gravity of defects during birth due to caffeine are not clear.

Practice LSAT Questions: Analytical Reasoning

Three buses1, 2 and 3 undertake one trip every day, and there are no other buses that riders A, B, C, D, E, F and G take while going to work.

On the day when B takes bus 1, E or G do not take bus 1.

On the day when D takes bus 2, it is not taken by G.

 When same bus is taken by A and F, it always happens to be bus 3.

C never takes a bus other than 3.

Which buses can B, C and G take if they are going together in same bus on a particular day?

  • 3 only
  • 1 only
  • 2 only
  • 1, 2, 3
  • 3 and 2 only

Practice LSAT Questions: Writing Sample 

Alice Anderson is working at John Paul Jones University as a senior. Two positions were offered to her because of her excellent performance in her specialization, Radio broadcasting and Television. You, being her counsellor, are required to give argument in favor of either of the offers. There are two considerations to guide your conclusion:

* Immediatelyafter graduation, Alice has to start repayment of large amount of student loan.

* Alice aims her career achievement for the post of network news anchor.

There is only one television station – WAND, which caters to major area and is located around 250 miles on northern side of the state capital. Alice has been offered a reporter’s job with prime role to cover tasks regional government, business and politics. Besides her allocated stories, Alice will get the option to prepare stories independently for likely broadcast. Since it is a small station, staff is very stable, and prospects of growth are limited, Chances of Alice for progress are limited. WAND’s owner – formerly network executivebought the station to get rid of broadcasting pressures in prime markets. The salary of Alice at WAND would be very modest, and for additional income, she will have to do outside work.

There are three TV stations based in capital of the state and KBSC is one of these. Alice has been offered job in the station’s news department as production assistant. Her prime job would be to do research in background and verify facts and origins for the reporters and producers. In around two years, hardworking Production Assistants are elevated to the post of special assignment reporter. Number of special assignment reporters compete for assignments, mostly involving coverage of small events like political dinners, award functions, concerts and composing stories of human interest.   Mostly all special assignment reporters are involved in coverage of small events and have to wait for not less than five years before they can move to the post of general report-anchorperson. Salary of Alice, which KBSC would give, will be more than the amount required for comfortable living in the capital.

Now, let’s find out answers of practice LSAT questions asked above:

Practice LSAT Questions Answers

Logical Reasoning

  1. (C) is the right answer. It will be credibility loss for the government if the action is taken prior to study being proved indisputably.

Analytical Reasoning

  1. (C) is the right answer.

Bus 3: When same bus is taken by A and F.

Bus 3: C every time

Bus 2: No G, if D

Bus 1: Neither E nor G, if B.

Bus 2: If D, then no G

Bus 3: C always

Bus 3: When A and F take the same bus.

Therefore, if you wish to score well on the LSAT, then all you have to do is practice LSAT questions as much as possible. After all, practice is what makes a person perfect.

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