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Reasons you Need a Fall and Accident Lawyer for your Injury

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Some injury cases don’t require the services of a lawyer. However, a lawyer must be sought in case of a serious injury. This is because the victim may not be able to handle the case on his own especially if it’s a car accident. The process will involve proving that the defendant is at fault and a good lawyer can handle this professionally. And while it may be easy to determine who’s at fault in a car accident, identifying the defendants of some slip and fall cases can be tricky. Hiring a lawyer will ensure that victim will get far with his case. So here’s how exactly the reason you should hire an Opa Locka slip and fall accident lawyer.

 To Prove Liability

Your case can go to trial or get settled if you have proven liability. Your lawyer must prove the negligence of the defendant. This can be quite complex in a slip and fall case. You will need to confirm with your lawyer how the accident took place. Falls can take place pretty quickly and a lot of people don’t understand how things happened. You will need to provide details like how you fall, what you wore on your feet, whether you are carrying something, whether you were on the phone or whether your foot slip or trip. Your answers are vital facts which the defense attorney, the insurance company and the jury will wish to know before awarding you any claims.

An excellent attorney will examine the scene, talk about possibilities with you and help in determining how and why you fell. He will then review the applicable laws to identify if the premises’ condition violated them.

To Prove Damages

When you prove damages, you don’t just say things. It is imperative to have proper documentation of your lost income using the pay records and tax forms of your employer as well as your tax returns. Your medical bills and records should be obtained and organized by your attorney. And in case your medical records don’t have a legally sufficient opinion that your condition was caused by the accident, your attorney will need to write your physician to request for a letter which addresses causal relationship and a medical report. Such letters may cost at least $1000. Lastly, your attorney will review your suffering and pain to be able to present your case in the best light to the insurance company.

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