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Overall Expenses of Canada immigration

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Canada immigration: Funds to show

Are you planning to migrate to Canada as Skilled worker through Express Entry? You must have sufficient money to settle there as well as you will have to meet the least requirements of the Federal Skilled Trades Program or the Federal Skilled Worker Program.You should have your own money in your account. It should neither be borrowed nor loaned. Canadian Government verifies the past record of every applicant’s bank detail. According to top immigration lawyer Toronto, although either your family comes with you or not, you must be able pay the costs of living for your family.

Total Amount of money you will need

The amount of money varies according to the length of the family. You must include yourself, your partner and your dependent children while calculating your family. You have to show proof of funds that depicts you have sufficient money to stay in Canada.

Total Funds Requirement


Number of family Members




For every additional family member

To show these proofs, you must obtain official letters from any financial institutions or banks where you keep your money. Moreover, the letter must be printed on the bank’s letterhead and contact information of the bank must be included such as; address, telephone number and email address. Credit card, debts and loan detail must be entered, including your account numbers. Besides it, the current balance of each account and the average balance for the past six months must be entered into the letterhead.

Money that need to carry with you

It is best advised that you should carry as much money as you can because finding a home and living at totally different area costs a lot. Exploring a home in Canada is quite easy, but youmust declare the money, if you are going to carry more than CAN$10,000 with you. But, if you do not declare the money, then you will be fined and your funds can be seized. All these funds can be any form such as: stocks, cash, bonds, treasury bills, debentures, banker’s drafts, travelers’cheques and bank cheques.

Apart from these expenses, there are more expenses that you have to spend before and during the file processing such as IELTS test fees, Canada PR visa fees, Medical exam charges, Police clearance certificate fees.

The Greatest Immigration lawyer Toronto offers the best support to immigrate to Canada. You can sponsor your spouse or family and apply for Express Entry through its expertise assistance.

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