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One of the Best Legal Values Is a No Win No Fee Case

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One of the best legal values today is to use the services of a lawyer who offers legal assistance on a no win no fee basis. Most of the claims that are made legally that are based on this fee structure are related to personal injury cases.

Making a Legal Claim Does Not Have to Be Expensive

When lawyers offer no win no fee professional services, you can feel more confident about the legal services you are obtaining. If they do not win your case, you are not obligated any further monetarily. Therefore, making a claim is not as costly as some people imagine. You can actually pursue a claim without incurring any up-front costs.

To initiate a no win no fee legal claim, you normally will speak to a lawyer over the phone initially. By taking this approach, you can see where you stand. If you have a claim, it will not hurt for you to place a call to a firm that provides services by no win no fee lawyers.

Not Every Case Is Accepted

Your first consultation for deciding on a claim is free. If you do not want to proceed with the case, you do not owe any money. However, this does not mean that your claim will be accepted. If a law firm feels that success for a claim is low, they will tell you so. At that point, you need to decide if this is a case that you want to continue pursuing.

What Costs the Law Firm Covers

If a firm feels that your claim can be successful and you want to proceed, it will cover all the up-front expenses. These expenses usually include the following:

  • The barrister’s advice
  • Medical reports
  • Expert witness reports
  • Court filing fees

How the Fees Are Paid

If you are successful at receiving a settlement, these costs are deducted from the amount along with lawyer fees. If you do not win your case, again, the law firm will not charge you for its work. If you do win, the firm, under Australian law, cannot assess you a percentage of the final settlement. It can only charge a client by the hour for its time.

Projecting the Cost

If you are wondering how much money you may end up receiving, the firm can project what percentage of a possible settlement you will be getting. If the case is bigger, the percentage is smaller for the payout of lawyer fees.

A Cost-Effective Service

As you can see, you do not have to worry about the costs entailed in pursuing a no win no fee case. Many consumers do not know that they do not have to pay for legal services in personal injury or medical negligence cases up front. Therefore, no win no fee legal services are cost-effective for the general consumer.

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