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Insider Tips to Win a Military Assault Case

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Sometimes, it difficult for a defendant to get even a fair trial in some military sexual assault cases. Currently, there is unprecedented attention on allegations regarding sexual assault in the military. Under intense media and political pressure, the military is increasingly becoming aggressive about getting all sexual assault cases prosecuted. It’s this new approach that makes it challenging for defendants to win cases related to a military sexual assault.

A military sexual assault case, according to Law Office of Jocelyn C. Stewart, cannot be about settling scores. The accused should focus on staying free and be sure they will not be included in the sex offender list.

Hiring an attorney is an excellent move. The lawyer can defend you through attack or outflank. Either approach can work, but military sexual assault allegations are a classic instance where you are likely to catch more flies with honey, not vinegar.

So, how is it done?

Basically, you won’t do it; your lawyer will. But you still have the freedom to choose how you should be represented because whatever your lawyer does will reflect you. In the end, you will be the hero of the entire story, and so, there are essential tips you should keep in mind. Remember, everyone dislikes a courtroom bully except any other courtroom bully. The entire process of winning a case isn’t about manipulation or trickery; it’s about winning by winning people over.

Always be nice

Probably this is likely to be the hardest rule to follow, particularly if you believe you are being accused falsely. In this case, you have all the reasons to be angry. But the whole point of your defense is to convince the jury and everyone else in the courtroom that you are being accused falsely. To achieve this, you need friends. Therefore, think of everyone involved in your casa including the prosecutors, commanders, investigators, expert witnesses, nurses, the victim, and the victim’s special counsel as potential allies.

Also, be courteous when your lawyer meets the victim. If she feels that she is getting fair treatment, she is more likely to play fair too.

Be reasonable

Requesting the government to offer you a high-profile and expensive attorney is a waste of time. There is a larger number of professionals who do court-martial regularly, most prosecutors know them, are not highly-priced, and know the help you need to win the case. So, let your lawyer handle this.

On the eve of trial, your lawyer needs to make things easy for the witnesses. Brief interviews on important aspects can keep the witnesses happy, and such witnesses can offer the right information. Also, don’t expect the government professionals to agree with all your lawyer’s outlandish hypotheticals. Further, you will not be acquitted just because someone says ‘there is a 1 percent chance.’

Be thorough

The top shortcut to winning a military assault case is to build a very strong defense around the notion that whoever the victim is, she is lying. Most lawyers o all-in that one and many defendants like it. Even if the victim is lying, saying it won’t help. You should show it. That means you must gather enough evidence and that takes effort, much thought, and a smart plan.

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