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How to know whether EB-5 Program would Suit your Needs

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The EB-5 visa or the preference category was created in the year 1990. It has been specifically designed for investors looking forward to relocating to United States of America. The visa would require them to engage in commercial enterprise that would prove beneficial to the overall economy of the US. The investments made by the investors would also provide adequate jobs to the US citizens.

Do you think EB-5 preference program is right for you?

In order to participate in the program, the investors would be required to meet at least three requisites for qualifying the EB-5 visa program.

  1. You would need to make minimum investment of 500,000 USD through EB-5 regional center.
  2. You need to provide detailed proof about the legitimacy of the funds invested.
  3. You need to show every EB-5 investment creating ten new jobs in the United States of America.

The investor has to satisfy the pre-screening requisites as well.

  • He should be green card holder
  • He should provide repayment of investment
  • Has been granted US citizenship (optional)

Upon the satisfaction of the USCIS requisites along with the successful completion of the chosen EB-5 project, the investor would start anticipating his or her permanent green card along with repayment of investment for EB-5 of 500,000 USD. You could gather more information from https://www.amlawglobal.com/eb-5-visa/.

After five years from the initial entry of the investor in the United States, the investor along with the eligible family members would become eligible for US citizenship, if chosen by the investor.

Why to consider USA?

The United States of America has been known to offer a multitude of benefits for both residents and the citizens. Let us delve on the several reasons that make relocating to USA the best option in the present times.

  • Education

At least 17 of the 25 top most universities in the world are related in United States of America.

  • Healthcare

You would have the best healthcare facilities in USA, as five out of top ten hospitals are located in USA.

  • Fortune 500 companies

The nation boasts of having more Fortune 500 countries than any available worldwide.

  • Environment friendly

Out of the several developed nations worldwide, the United States of America offers the cleanest air.

  • Access the world

USA offers visa free travel to around 155 nations worldwide.

  • Investment opportunities

The US Stock Market and Real Estate has been deemed two safest investments across the world.

The aforementioned reasons have made several foreign nationals looking forward to relocating to USA.

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