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Highlights of case management software

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In a legal profession, the business side is not generally taught in the law schools. The primary purpose or objective of legal case management software is to assist the legal practitioners and the law firms to run their affairs smoothly. These programs can help them to manage their cases such as schedules, client records, deadlines, appointments, computer files, billing and bookkeeping, and documents. It facilitates compliance with the requirements and the policies as laid down by the legal and the judicial authorities.

The case management software has the features for time tracking, case management (databases, statutes of limitations), calendar and scheduling, document assembling, client communication and many others. This software makes use of the technologies that are useful for the modern-day law firms that include desktop notes, word processing, password security, disk encryption, CRM system, and email management. In a nutshell, the software increases the efficiency and improves marketing of these law firms for attracting more clients.


Various studies have reported that the law firms and the legal practitioners are increasingly using the technology and the web-based solutions. As per a report, 72% of the single and the small law firms are using an online program for the storage of documents in their offices, and 67% of the lawyers have cited that they can easily access the data from any place. This has proved to be the most significant benefit to them. Most of the lawyers even access the billing system electronically. Managing a law firm requires a business solution and productivity for streamlining workflows, daily tasks, improving efficiency and productivity, and boosting revenue generation. This software has some of the key features such as scheduling, time tracking, billing, expense management, and payment processing. Additionally, it has case management components and CRM that facilitate contact management and monitoring.

How to choose?

When you decide to buy legal management software, the first thing you should do is to determine your needs. You should draft out the challenges you are facing. After that, you have to decide whether you want to go for a cloud-based or server-based. Most of the software is cloud-based though some server solutions are available too. A server-based program is located on the server in a law firm. Some of the firms prefer this option as they can control the server entirely though there is a cost involved in it. Purchasing new software involves large investment, and therefore, the law firms before buying them should be definite about their requirements.

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