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Filing a Personal Injury Claim: To Hire or Not to Hire an Attorney

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If you have been injured because of another party’s negligence and fault, hiring a personal injury lawyer should be a priority. However, there are instances that you may not require a legal counsel. In general, for the majority of personal injury claims, you have the right to recover compensation for your injuries from the at-fault party. Such compensation can be obtained from a settlement made outside of the court or through a formal proceeding.

When Not to Hire

Depending on your injuries and situation, you may choose to hire or not to hire an attorney. Here are situations that making this kind of decision applies:

  • You have a minimal claim. Handing a simple claims process can be possible without the help of a personal injury lawyer. But, keep in mind that even if things can seem easy, they may still involve some risks. Sometimes, you may be underestimating your claim’s value or the insurance company’s willingness to give you what you think you are entitled to.
  • Your injuries are minor. If you think that your injuries are minor, you may not consider hiring an attorney. But, you must make sure there are no long-term issues you may not know about. In case you will have to go through some extra tests or attend follow-up appointments before confirming the real status of your injury, it’s important to seek a lawyer from Hannon Legal Group right away.

Moreover, minor injuries can become worse than what your physician initially assumed. Agreeing to a settlement before knowing the extent of your injury can leave with compensation that is way lesser than you are entitled to. Your lawyer will advise you to wait until you know how serious your injuries are.

When to Hire

In a lot of circumstances, the services of an attorney can be necessary ad helpful. Below are some of the main reasons to hire an attorney:

  • The party at fault and their lawyer take your case seriously.
  • You can possibly claim for more damages beyond the insurance company’s offered payout.
  • The other party’s insurance company refuses to pay for your claim.
  • You need legal advice and representation.

In most personal injury cases like medical malpractice cases, the insurance company will look to serve you. But, they will try to give you the least payout to keep their profits. Because of this, you need an attorney who will help you reach your goal of getting the biggest possible damage compensation.

There is no exact guideline to follow in terms of when to hire a personal injury lawyer. However, it is imperative to ensure you engage the services of an attorney right away after your accident. This is to avoid forfeiting your chance to file a claim due to a statute of limitations. In addition, an attorney will give you advice on what you should do after the accident to avoid making mistakes which could hurt your case. Even if you think you can handle your claim by yourself, contact an attorney immediately is in your best interest.

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