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Discover Your Options for the Best Separation Agreement Now

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Apartments can be privatized or not privatized. Depending on this, the division of personal accounts takes place according to different rules.In public housing (not privatized), as a rule, no one divides the account. However, there is such an opportunity; this is allowed by Article 61 of the Housing Code:

“An adult member of the tenant’s family has the right to demand the conclusion of a separate employment contract with him if, with the written consent of the remaining adult members of the family living with him and in accordance with the total area of ​​the living quarters, or in accordance with the agreement on the use of a dwelling can be allocated an isolated living quarters that meets the requirements of this Code.”

For The Adults

All adult registered members of the employer’s family need to report (or the Settlement and Reference Center) and write an application on a special form addressed to the director of the housing and operational institution. For the proper Separation Agreement this is important.

An example from life: In a non-privatized apartment, 4 people are registered, the main tenant wants to divide the personal accounts, is it necessary to obtain the consent of all the residents registered in it?

In a public apartment, a personal account may be divided according to Article 61 of the Housing Code of the Republic of Belarus. But the division of personal accounts can be made only with the consent of all registered family members, and provided that for each future personal account there are isolated rooms. If the rooms are through, then separation is impossible (only one account can be issued to adjacent rooms). If one of the family members does not agree to “split up”, you can try to resolve the dispute through the court.

Separation in a privatized apartment

If the apartment is privatized, while it belongs to the same owner, then the division of personal accounts is impossible. If there are several documents according to the owners’ documents and they all agree, there are no barriers. The use of the Power of Attorney Form happens to be essential here.

It does not matter how many rooms each owner owns. You can even draw up a separate account for the owner of several meters of the square (that is, a very small stake). But the numerous owners of the apartment are also entitled to leave a personal account on someone else.

An example from life: Children received an inheritance. Each has its own share of property. Do I need to divide my personal accounts?

Having received an apartment as an inheritance, children should apply to renew the maintenance contract. At the same time, the lawyer specifies whether they will separate personal accounts. If they do, then it will be processed automatically. If they together decide to leave an account on someone else, they should write a statement. The entire proceedings will have the perfect deals in legal forms.

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