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Car Accidents in Las Vegas – Common Causes & How To Safeguard Yourself

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Las Vegas is known for its 24-hour active life, gambling and partying. This vibrant mood is loved by all but sometimes (or rather many times) this celebratory mode turns into an unfortunate mishap.

The drivers in Las Vegas are 21% more likely to have an accident than the national average. And there are many reasons for this figure. One of the leading causes for car accidents in Las Vegas is distracted driving due to the use of cell phone, eating or drinking, passenger distractions and driving with pets in the car. Around 3500 distracted driving cases are recorded every year in Nevada.

The other leading cause is Driving Under Influence (DUI) of alcohol, drugs or a combination of both. In fact, Las Vegas has leading cases of DUI accidents. The police department claims to make over 8000 arrests for DUI every year.

Adding more to these causes is running a red light. The speeding, inattention, distraction or aggressive driving leads to accidents at the road intersections.

The accidents can take a nasty turn with personal injuries and damage to the vehicle. The claims can be settled mutually while in other cases, the issue needs to be sought through the civil courts. In any case, an accident attorney can mentor you for your rights and fair compensation.

Before and In the Event of Car Accident

Nobody likes to imagine themselves in any kind of accident. But there is no harm in keeping yourself alert, as it will ease out the bad situation. Here are some preventive tricks for all those driving through the streets of Las Vegas (or elsewhere)

  • Keep pen and paper handy with basic information such as medical conditions for you and your family, your residence address, emergency contact person details etc.
  • Also, keep a list of contact numbers for law enforcement agencies within reach.
  • Make an accident kit which will include flashlights, reusable cameras, first aid kit, relevant vehicle documents.
  • Keep your insurance cover updated. You must also know what is being covered in your insurance policy.
  • Keep cones, warning triangles and flares in your vehicle.

In case of an accident,

  • Be cautious of any leakage from the vehicle.
  • Do not exit the vehicle if it doesn’t seem safe to do so.
  • Turn on your vehicle’s hazard lights.
  • If you can manage to do, use cones, warning triangles or flares for safety.
  • Even in the case of a minor accident, inform the police.

For the purpose of insurance claims and other legalities, take photographs of the accident scene. The photographs should include your vehicle and if possible, the other vehicle(s) involved in the accident. Be vigilant of the people around you who can be regarded as the witness. Request them for their contact information.

Until your attorney or someone you can trust arrives, do not sign any document, unless police or your insurance agent asks you to do so. Most of the accidental matters get resolved by being polite but resist to accept that the accident was your fault, even if you share the fault; this may sometimes go against you. Also do not give any recorded statements.

Las Vegas Metropolitan Police Department (LVMPD) has more than 2700 police officers to maintain law and order within the state of Nevada. Be steady at the accident scene unless the police arrive.

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