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Can a Domestic Violence Charge Hurt My Career in the Military?

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It really all depends on the circumstances, but if you have been charged with assault in domestic violence Scottsdale, then yes, it could be a career ender if you are in the military.

There are many factors that need to be reviewed when a person in the military has been charged with domestic violence. Sometimes a domestic violence charge can end your career in the military. Often times, even if you are not released from your position in the military, you are not allowed to reenlist and any promotions are definitely out of the question.

Federal law does prohibit individuals to possess firearms if found guilty of domestic violence. This can make it difficult to be part of the military. That is why so many active military members who are facing a domestic violence charge try to get the charge reduced, to at least dropping the domestic violence part. This way, it is less likely to hurt their career. With the help and guidance from the right attorney, a domestic violence charge could be reduced to a misdemeanor, preventing an end to your career in the military.

However, there are still consequences for members of the military who receive a misdemeanor domestic violence conviction.

If convicted:

  • You won’t be able to deploy for missions that require a weapon
  • You won’t be denied leadership access to ammunition and weapons
  • You can’t attend service schools with any weapon training
  • You are unable to reenlist

A domestic violence charge may not exactly end your career in the military, but it will most definitely impact your role in the military in some way. The best thing to do if faced with a domestic violence charge is to work with an experienced attorney to try and get the charges reduced from a felony to a misdemeanor.

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