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5 Things Not To Do During A Divorce

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Going through a divorce can be an extremely painful, difficult, and even traumatic experience for many people. It’s a decision often made after years of hard work at saving the marriage, and one that’s rarely made lightly. Because of the significant of this important decision, it’s crucial that both parties are informed on what they should and shouldn’t do throughout this process in order to protect themselves both legally and emotionally, and to protect the family as a whole if children are involved. Make sure you avoid these 5 common mistakes.

Don’t go it alone.

There are a wide variety of legal complications involved in the process of divorcing, particularly when children and assets are brought into the picture. This isn’t a process you can go through alone. This is particularly crucial if your divorce is not amicable. You need proper legal support from an experienced litigation lawyer sydney to ensure that your interests are protected and that no irreversible mistakes are made.

Do not assume that the kids are alright.

Some children have a habit of going quiet when it comes their emotions during a very stressful or emotionally distressing time. It’s crucial that you continue to check in with your children throughout the process so they understand what’s going and don’t feel like they’re being left in the dark. Let them know that they are free to speak up about how they’re feeling and that they can be completely honest with you at any time. If a child seems to be reacting to the news with a drastic change in emotions or behaviour, get a child psychologist involved so they have the extra specialist support they need.

Don’t fight the idea of paying child support.

There are too many parents out there who go to great lengths to try to avoid contributing to their ex-spouse and their children through monthly child support payments. This does nothing but harm your relationship with your ex, and that bad blood will spill over onto your relationship with your children. Do the right thing and, assuming it’s a fair sum that’s been decided in court, keep up with the payments as agreed.

Agree to civil conversation.

Once you’ve agreed that a divorce is the right thing to do, try to keep all conversations between yourself and your ex as civil as possible. Make a plan to put all of the old disagreements and problems aside, and focus on making plans to support the children and make sure the divorce is as smooth and painless as possible. If you’re unable to remain civil in a particular conversation, be the bigger person and step back until you feel calm enough to talk again.

Don’t assume that the relationship is destroyed.

Many people find themselves emotionally wrecked by the process of divorce because they feel like the relationship they spent years nurturing and building is now in ruins. Try not to make assumptions – especially negative ones. It may be that your relationship will evolve over time and simply change into one of friendship and co-parenting. That’s not necessarily a negative thing. If your have children together, your ex may end up being a dear friend for life. Don’t let heartbreak colour your attitude and make everything look bleak.

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